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Free Domain Registration

If you register a domain with FastnetHost when signing up for a hosting account, there is a domain fee that is non-refundable. This not only covers our costs, but ensures that you won't lose your domain name. You retain ownership of your domain until the end of its registration period unless you elect to extend it.

1 Free Domain 1 Free Domain 1 Free Domain

SSD Web Space

Web space also referred as disk space, is the amount allocated to your hosting plan. It is made up of the total quantity of all text files, images, scripts, databases and other files related to your website.

20GB Space 30GB Space 40GB Space

Monthly Visitors

Monthly visitors represent the number of times the website was visited. With all our plans there is no limit or restrictions of visitors your site can have.

Unlimited Visits Unlimited Visits Unlimited Visits

Managed Blogs

This is the number of WordPress blogs we will manage for you.

1 Blog 2 Blogs 4 Blogs

Daily Offsite Backups

Backups are conducted daily or on-demand which include your site's files and database and are housed on secured Amazon infrastructure. Restoring your site is a simple click of a button.

Free Blog Migration

We will migrate your blog from another host to us for free of charge. Our process is seamless and has no downtime.

1 Blog Up To 2 Blogs Up To 4 Blogs

IP Addresses

All hosting plans come with one free IP address. This IP can also be shared with your other blogs on this account.

1 1 1

30 Days Money Back

If you cancel within 30 days you receive a full refund on your hosting service.

24/7 Support

Knowledgeable WordPress support specialists are available to you 24x7.

More amazing WordPress features

Free Global CDN

CloudFlare CDN automatically optimizes the delivery of your site's pages so your visitors experience the fastest page load times and best performance in addition to blocking threats and limiting abusive bots and crawlers from eating up your bandwidth and server resources. And search engines love fast-loading websites!

Security Checks

We proactively scan for malware and any known vulnerabilities on your website. If any files become infected we will be able to spot them on time.

Performance Checks

We regularly check the performance of your website and grade it, as well as giving you recommendations on how to improve your website performance.

WordPress Autoupdate

We keep your WordPress and plugins up to date with latest stable release to keep your website and vulnerable free.

Multi Caching

Our caching system includes Nginx FastCGI Cache, Zend Opcache for PHP and Redis Object Cache for database, expect speed and performance gains of at least 20%.


WP-CLI is a set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations. You can update plugins, configure multisite installs and much more, without using a web browser.

WP Staging

Cloning a website allows you to in just seconds have a an identical copy of your website. Almost instantaneously clone your website to a staging area for testing. We will help you with all that as needed.


Manage WordPress workflow with Git. It's version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Installed on WP-Pro Plan.

Free 20 Gbps DDoS Protection

Our Free DDoS protect service offers you peace of mind knowing that we are watching over your network traffic and taking action against attacks when they happen.

Built for speed. See what's under the hood

VPS - KVM Virtualization

All plans come with isolated virtual machines using Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) virtualization technology using our custom NGINX stack.

Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated

Fast SSD RAID 10 Storage

We use Enterprise-SSD RAID-10 Storage Arrays with BBU. This arrayed storage I/O allows for the best possible storage speed,redundancy and high performance.

100% 100% 100%

NGINX Powered

We use custom NGINX stack with MariaDB, PHP 7 and PHP-FPM to boost your WordPress website. Nginx is developed to handle mild, heavy to extreme traffic sites that consume lots of server resources. When you have such a site, NGINX doesn’t even break a sweat.

MariaDB Database

MariaDB is an enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL with much-improved database performance. MariaDB is a robust and reliable SQL server.

Multiple PHP Versions

Choose between using PHP v5.6, or PHP 7. You decide on what works best for your sites.


Our custom PHP-FPM configuration will make your WordPress website fly.

Redis Object Cache

Redis is an open-source key value store that can operate as both an in-memory store and as cache. Redis is configured as a cache for WordPress to alleviate the redundant and time-consuming database queries used to render a WordPress page. The result is a WordPress site which is much faster, uses less database resources, and provides a tunable persistent cache.

HTTP/2 Support

HTTP/2 improves speed by creating one constant connection between the browser and the server, as opposed to a connection every time a piece of information is needed.

Free Let's Encrypt SSL

Let’s Encrypt makes encrypted connections to the WWW ubiquitous and gets rid of payment, server configuration, validation emails and dealing with expired certificates.

SSH/sFTP access

SSH is short for Secure Shell. It comes in handy when you wish to work with your hosting space via a Linux command line. SSH access is optional and is disabled by default for security purposes. However, if needed we will gladly enable access for you.

Server Security

Our Managed WordPress Hosting environments are protected by a custom CSF firewall.

SAVE 50% Today!
Regular price $19.95/mo
Regular price $29.95/mo
Regular price $39.95/mo
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